Sunday, June 25, 2017

Roses are Red, Baptisms are Green

Letter on June 5, 2017

Hey, Everyone! :)

I don't even know where to begin talking about this past week. It has felt like the longest week ever! Lots of stuff happened, though. We just finished helping a member move today. New York moves are tough! Luckily they were only on the 8th floor! The elevator we had to move stuff into was really small though, so it took a lot of trips. Brother and Sister Taylor were there to help out, so I am so grateful for them! They are the greatest!!

Transfers were on Tuesday. I am staying here in Rego Park, and my new companion is Elder Afoa! He is from American Samoa and has been on his mission for 3 months, so he is fresh out of training. I actually served in his district in Plainview for his first transfer, so it is super cool to be his companion now! We are getting along pretty well, and I am excited to see what this transfer has in store. 

So, fun mission news: our entire mission is getting Samsung J3 smart phones starting in two weeks! They will be collecting our iPads for about a month while we get used to having the new phones. The Assistants, Zone Leaders, and Sister Training Leaders already have their phones. It will be really interesting to be using a smart phone again!

Sad story for the week: Adrian texted us on Friday saying that he wanted to postpone his baptism. He came across a website called "Difficult Questions for Mormons to Answer". He has a bunch of questions and doubts now that he wants to get resolved before he is baptized. I am happy that he wants to be 100% committed to it, though! Keep praying for him!

Church on Sunday was really good! It was fast and testimony Sunday, and the members who bore their testimony really brought the spirit. There were actually 3 less active members who randomly showed up out of no where. Better yet, all three of them went up to the pulpit and bore their testimonies! It was SO cool to listen to them talk about how their lives have been without coming to church and the difference they already feel in being there that day. We are going to be trying to visit them now so we can help them get to the temple soon! 

There was an eight year old who was baptized on Sunday right after church! His name is Leo! Elder Imlay and I actually got to teach him the last "missionary lesson" before his baptismal interview. His knowledge of the gospel is incredible! Elder Afoa and I filled the font before his baptism. When we came back to check on it, the water was GREEN!!! So we drained it, scrubbed the font walls and floor, and refilled it. It was STILL green!!!! Although Leo was baptized in green water, the spirit was still super strong! right before the baptism started, I was asked if I could give the talk about the Holy Ghost. I ran home and grabbed a flashlight to use as a little object lesson for a quick talk. My talk actually turned out pretty alright and Leo was really happy with his new light stick! Pretty great day!

Well, that's about it for this week! I am super proud of myself right now. I typed up this letter in about 10 minutes compared to my usual 60! Wahoo!!!!! *high five's self*

Anyway, I love you and and wish you the best in the next adventure life brings your way! 

Elder Snell